Monday, October 4, 2010

This household is not for the faint of heart. It's not for the timid. It's not for the chaos-averse.

I think, maybe, instead of "Welcome Friends" my front door mat should make a more merciful suggestion...

"Turn Back While You Still Can"

At any given moment you will find golf balls, baseballs, and kickballs flying (yes, inside the house). You may encounter a half naked two year old climbing on the counters. You'll probably walk through the dining room dodging a boy zooming past on a ripstik. There's a good chance you'll find a princess decked out in her royal attire, singing and spinning through the halls. You'll have to be careful of feet flying in cartwheels, kids sliding down banisters, clumsy piggy back rides, and impromptu dance parties.

And don't enter with the idea that you might attempt making a phone call while you're here. Just go ahead and leave your phone in the car. Between giggle fits, toddler tantrums, music practice, and those pesky elephants that trample around upstairs (I know they're up there because they often stomp and play after bedtime, when my sweet dears are most certainly in their beds sleeping with angelic smiles on their obedient little faces), it's likely that whomever you are trying to call will just think something horrible (and noisy) has happened to you..."What? You've been kidnapped by a barrel of monekys?!?"...."No, no, no, I said I happened to misplace my truck keys!"...."OH NO! You mean you're on a sled behind a pack of huskies?!?"..."NO! I SAID I....." (you get the idea)

And I really hope you're not a private person. My littlest darlings just think a locked door is a great opportunity to grab a key, or a screwdriver, and work on their fine motor skills. The whole lot of them seem to believe that a person in a shower is the definition of a captive audience. And you'll never sleep alone around here. You can count on being snuggled by an ice-cold toed, puffy cheeked preschooler by morning.

But really, Friends, you are Welcome. Just be sure to bring your playful spirit (and maybe some football pads and earplugs) and you'll fit right in! Because in the midst of all the craziness we hope you'll also find a houseful of happy kids. Ready to love. Willing to serve. And guaranteed to bring a little joyful chaos to your day!

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  1. I love your household! (Especially the elephants upstairs!)