Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm sitting on my bed nursing sweet baby J.

Aware of just how much I should be geting done right now.

There's a basketlful of laundry, three loads, needing to be folded and put away.

Some little person has left a dirty paper plate, crumpled juice box, and Oriental Trading catalog on the bench by the window. I should throw it all out before any more flies discover the sticky residue on the tip of the chewed up straw.

Outside the door I can see the back porch littered with abandned summer toys...a sprinkler, water guns...half eaten by the dog and waiting for someone to help them find their way to the trash.

The bed, which I dutifully made this morning, has been assaulted by tiny feet and is now a rumpled mess, the decorative pillows strewn about the room.

So much. So much I should be doing right now....

I'm aware of how little time I have before Justin gets home...before dinner needs to be made..before I get a shower....and I'm beginning to feel behind....

Until I become aware of something else.

Tiny bare toes gently tickling my side as my baby nurses in peaceful contentedness.

Amazing how that small, sweet touch changes everything.

I'm aware of the things i missed just moments ago.

Pink baby ears with soft fuzzy hairs still darkening their rims.

Bright, clear eyes looking into mine with a satisfied wonder.

Playful little girl giggles trickling in from another room.

The sounds of rough and tumble boys, wrestling upstairs.

And I realize I'm not behind. I'm right where I should be. Living a normal day, with extraordinary gifts.

There will always be things that need to be done. But for this day i choose to be aware of the fleeting simple sweetness in each moment.

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