Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Astrid loves the rain.

Yesterday morning, before the daily rumbling of sleepy feet on the stairs, I laid in my bed watching a light misting of rain outside my window. I knew my girl would be excited. But by the time she awakened and slipped under the covers next to me, the sprinkling had subsided. She snuggled close and whispered in my ear, "I think it might rain today Mama". "I think so, too, baby girl", I said, and turned to kiss her sweet pink cheeks.

Minutes later the rest of the tribe made their way down the stairs and the noise and chaos of a new day began. The sun poked through the smoky colored sky and all that was left of the shower was a sheen of moisture and a wet dog on the back porch.

Still, my girl hoped. Even when I told her that it looked like the storm had passed and that we were in for a beautiful day. I delivered this news with a cheerful smile meant to encourage her to rejoice in the silver lining burning the edges of her beloved gray clouds.

The big kids went about their morning chores and I busied myself with mine. As I emptied the dishwasher I heard a thumping behind me and turned to see Astrid appear around the corner of the kitchen in her two sizes too big rain boots. "I'm gonna wear these all day, Mama, because I think it's gonna rain". I smiled, told her I thought that was a fine idea, and went back to rinsing dishes.

With the sink finally emptied, I retrieved a load of laundry from the dryer, and headed toward my room to drop it off. On the way, I walked by our music room. The sunshine pouring in from the floor to ceiling windows glowed bright and strong on the walls. And there stood Astrid. With her pink flowered rain boots on her little feet, and her cheery floral umbrella in her hand. Her eyes were closed and in the sweet melody of her 4 year old voice I heard, "....just a little bit please, God....I'll wear my boots all day so I'll be ready when You send the rain..."

I stood in the room with her, surrounded by sunlight, and warmed by the heart of my child.

Her umbrella was already open. A representation of her faith.

It wasn't until I walked away that I was struck by her words.

So I'll be ready when You send the rain.

Maybe this is what it means to have "faith like a child".

To pray for rain even when the sun is shining.

And open your umbrella.


  1. Emily - this makes me cry. What a way with words AND images!!