Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Wonderfulness. That's my Astrid. She is an artist, a dancer, a singer, a smiler, a hugger, a dreamer, a flower grower, a horse lover. She is a bundle of love and fun and imagination. She is a high pitched voice of abundant excitement. She is a writer of thoughtful notes and a draw-er of happy pictures. She is a performer. She is spiritual. My magical little muse in front of my camera. She is bright shining eyes, rosy freckled cheeks, a delicate nose, and pink pouty lips.

And now, she is 6.

The beautiful tiny baby who was once hardly big enough to fill my arms, has spent six years filling my heart with so much brilliant Astrid-ness that it's nearly bursting.

Astrid, April 2006

Astrid, April 2012

Birthdays are very exciting when you're 6. Astrid counts down the days until her next one starting around 11:59pm of the current one. This girl loves attention so there's nothing that can beat a day that's all about her!
This year, we were invited to ride horses at the home of one of Justin's co-workers in celebration of our aspiring cowgirl's big day. It was a complete surprise to Sweet Little Miss and she ADORED her time in the saddle.

There is nothing like seeing your child living her dream.
I am blessed beyond measure to have this little girl in my life.

Happy #6, Sweet Wonderfulness. Your Mama adores you.

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