Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some people express themselves with words. Some through song. Some in painting, or photography, or sculpture.

My girl....she was born to dance.
Ever since she was very tiny, Astrid has felt the music. As soon as the first note hits, the song moves her, and she can't help but sway and spin and shimmy and shuffle.

This morning she found a CD with music that inspired her, tucked her CD player under her arm, and set out to turn the porch into a dance floor.

I grabbed my camera and snuck up to the back door and captured my beautiful little one lost in her world of motion and expression.

She sings at the top of her voice. And she feels every word she says.

Her heart is in it. She doesn't hold anything back.

She is focused, but free. Passionate, yet purposeful.

And the JOY! Oh, the joy in her eyes as she loses herself in the movement and the moment!

She doesn't care if anyone is watching. It doesn't matter what people think. She doesn't notice that her steps aren't perfect, her dress is too short, her hair is a mess, her words aren't quite right, or her rhythm is off.

What matters is that she is dancing.
She is happy.
She is lifting her hands, raising her voice, and opening her heart.

She. Inspires. Me.

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