Monday, August 8, 2011

Today was a special day. It has been 364 days since I met my sweet Juniper. Today was her last day of being just "months" old. The brothers and sisters told her all day that she is turning 1 tomorrow. So she took this last day of babyhood to heart and had some fun.

She helped in the school room by getting the pencils out for her kids.

Then she threw them one by one on the floor. Gotta keep those kids busy and give them something to clean up!

Don't let that innocent smile fool you. She knew exactly what she was doing. But it's ok...she can do what she wants. Because she's a baby for one more day!

She reached just a little bit farther than ever before.

She climbed the stairs and smugly settled halfway up. Because now she can. After all, she's almost not a baby anymore.

Today was a day for trying new things. Like a green marker for breakfast. (This is what happens to a diapered hiney when it's owner eats markers for breakfast.)

She ended the day with a drive in a cardboard ambulance. She's a big girl now. It's time to start some serious career planning.

Yep, it's been a big day for my baby toddler girl.
A bedtime, the kids and I reminisced about the morning she was born. Their version of that day makes me smile. They remember standing at the front door and hearing a cry come from the bathroom. They told me they didn't come until after hearing it a second time. They giggled when they talked about running into the bathroom and being shocked to find Juni and me in the tub. Julia made a face and recalled the "yucky stuff" all over her. Ethan got tears in his eyes as he talked about seeing her for the first time. He said he was so happy that day that he cried.
She is a gift to us all. Juniper is sweetness in an 18 pound package. She is a joyful soul. A lover. A hugger. A kisser. A giggler.
She is Ethan's pride and joy.
She is Julia's living doll.
She is Asa's charge and "buddy".
She is Astrid's future friend.
She is Ezra's forgiving sweetheart.
She is Daddy's little girl.
She is Mama's love and sunshine.
She is just who we all needed. Just who we all wanted.

Happy last day of babyhood precious one.

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  1. Awww. Your posts always touch my heart. You have such sweet children, Emily.